Dr. Haston

Our physician, W. Steve Haston, MD, has been practicing in the field of Aesthetic Medicine since 1998

Initially trained in Internal Medicine he now practices Cosmetic Dermatology full time.  He uses the latest non-surgical techniques and innovative technologies to reverse sun damage to your skin and to correct the facial changes of aging and lipoatrophy.

Dr. Haston specializes in Aesthetic Medicine, specifically dermal fillers, Botox®, laser and pulsed light treatments, skin care, skin rejuvenation, and skin regeneration. He also has a number of lasers on site for procedures ranging from hair removal to tattoo removal to photofacials.

He can offer non-surgical treatments for wrinkled skin, fine lines, sun damaged skin, sunken cheeks, and spider veins, as well as many other conditions.

He also will suggest a preventative skin care regimen to slow the changes of aging.


In 2005 Dr. Haston was trained extensively by Dr. Peter Engelhard at his Apex South Beach office in the procedure of Sculptra injection to correct HIV-Associated Facial Lipoatrophy.  Dr. Haston is most well known in the community for his extensive work with Sculptra,  especially in the HIV community.  

While the office has been relocated to the Fort Lauderdale area, Dr. Haston is committed to following in the footsteps of Dr. Engelhard, offering this service to those in need.  

Please contact us regarding the generous Patient Access Programs for Sculptra and Radiesse which make the treatments of these conditions much more affordable for many HIV positive patients.